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Man deceives his girlfriend into saving up money for his Masters but used it to secure Canadian visa for himself and his wife


A Twitter user, Wale Adetona has narrated how a man deceived his girlfriend of almost 2 years into saving up money for him to pursue his Masters but used it to secure a Canadian visa for himself and his wife.

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I have a somewhat relatable story to share. I’m not doing this to trigger ‘men are scum’ twitter but to put things in perspective and also to hear you guys’ opinion. Thread.

So this guy, Femi, has been dating his developer girlfriend for close to two years. They were so much in love with each other that they spend virtually every day of the week together.

Even though she’s been the one fending for him and paying the bills, she’s never for once used it against him and neither does this affect Femi’s ego.

Femi is a regular Lagos big boy who stays in a well furnished 2 bedroom apartment on the mainland, drives a nice car, works in a reputable firm on the island, has side husltes and makes up to 300K/month.

The girlfriend earns more than times 3 of Femi’s salary and was willing to contribute to Femi’s career progress by donating 300K/month into Femi’s account for his supposedly Masters Program in the U.S.

To cut the story short, after one and half years of saving, one day, she went to Femi’s place for the weekend. She was about to pack his clothes from the wardrobe so she could help him with the laundry. Femi was out for an outing.

While packing the clothes, a marriage certificate and two green passports fell from one of the trousers. She picked them up and guess whose passports and marriage certificate they were?

Femi and Sade’s! The passports are less than 6 months old and they both bear the same surname, and have Canadian PR (Permanent Residents) permits on them.

So apparently, Femi lied to the girlfriend just to lure her into saving for his Master’s Program but baba has been using the money to process Canadian Immigration for himself and the Love Of His Life – Sade.

She flashed back and remembered meeting Sade at Femi’s house whom he introduced to her as his cousin some few months back. She fainted immediately!

After she regained consciousness, she picked up her bag, drove down to her house to continue crying without saying anything to anybody nor Femi.

That same night, she got a text from Femi – “Babe, I’m truly sorry, I relocated to Canada.”

This is not a fiction, it’s a true life story and Femi is not my friend. Well, I leave this to ‘men are scum’ twitter to dissect.

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