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Princess Shyngle stops wearing waist trainers; future hubby scared it will damage her womb


Ghana-based Gambian actress/model, Princess Shyngle, has promised her future hubby that she is going to stop wearing waist trainers.

The actress posted a cheerful picture of herself in a stunning outfit that showed her voluptuous physique and scored it with a caption that suggests the person she is dating; future hubby has some insecurities about her obsession with waist trainers.

Princess Shyngle gave an insight of her future hubby’s insecurity for her love for waist trainers in relation to the fear that she might not be able to carry his child.

She wrote:

“Dear future hubby ❤️ so a little birdie told me that you don’t like the fact that I wear waist trainers, you’re scared that it will damage my womb ☹️ and you’re scared that I won’t be able to bear you the 4 kids you want ❤️😂 well since you’re worried I’m gonna promise that from today I will stop wearing waist trainers okay 😂😂❤️ #thingswedoforlove #wifeymaterial #princessshyngle #melaninpoppin #blackisbeautiful #saynotobleaching #gambianprincess#ankarafashion #ankarastyles #africanprintlovers”

Princess Shyngle has said on many platforms that she has never had any side effects from waist trainers and that she is perfectly healthy, according to her gynecologist.

The Gambian-Ghana based actress, Princess Shyngle just recently shaded her fellow female celebrities who are above 30 and still single but are busy attending weddings every weekend like they don’t feel bad.

According to her, all the male celebrities are getting married to calm, chill, decent and well mannered no Instagram or social media girls but all the female celebrities above 30 are all still single and busy attending weddings every weekend like don’t they feel bad.

However, Princess Shyngle mentioned that she has been receiving death threats ever since she took a swipe at single female celebrities, over 30 and almost 40.

Princess Shyngle who took to her Instastories to make the revelation also mentioned that she is not shaken by any of the threats she has received so far.

Shyngle also went on to say some other people threatened to have her deported to The Gambia. She said wanted them to own up to their threats, calling them the The Ghana Threat Association.


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